Basic information

This application is run by the company BRAILCOM, o.p.s. In order to be able to run this application we process some of your personal data. Below you can find further details on what data we process, in which manner and for what purpose do we do so, how do we protect them while doing so and what are your rights related to this matter.

What personal data do we process?

We only process such personal data which are indispensable for running this application, for ensuring its security and for your good user comfort during its use. We do not use your personal data for marketing purposes and we never sell them to third parties.

Information on what personal data in particular we process and for what purposes follows below:

  • For the purposes of security and monitoring of the performance of our application and our servers we store data on access of the IP address of your device to our servers and on the pages that are displayed by you. We store these data for no longer than 15 days and then we delete them.
  • For storing some settings that you make in the application, e.g. language selection or settings of the size of application we use cookies. These are stored on your computer and they are set to be deleted when your browser is closed.

How do we protect personal data?

We take personal data protection seriously and we protect your personal data according to our best abilities and in line with legal regulations (in particular in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

The technical means of protection of data that we employ include control and restriction of access to data, encryption, pseudononymisation, digital fingerprinting and other procedures.

If despite all of this we find out that the confidentiality of your sensitive personal data is breached, we will let you know about it.

What other subjects do we share your personal data with?

The data of this application including all personal data are shared with the companies Microsoft Corporation and OUI Technology Ltd., which are the providers of the technical infrastructure necessary for running this application and the data are shared solely for the purpose of operating this infrastructure.

All data are stored and processed inside the EU.

What are your rights?

You have a right to know what personal data do we process about you, where we do so, in what manner and what third parties we make them accessible to. We make the best effort to inform you about such matters through this document. We are prepared to give you any possible further information based on your questions addressed to us through the contact stated at the end of this document.

You have a right to modification, amendment or erasure of your personal data.

You can also ask us to send you a copy of the data that we process about you in a commonly used electronic format.

You also have a right to turn to us with questions, demands and complaints regarding the processing of your personal data and you can do so through the contact stated at the end of this document. In case of need, and especially if we would not comply with a justified request communicated first to us, you also have the possibility to turn with your complaint to the to a personal data protection office in your country.

Where to contact us for questions, requests and complaints?

Please address your questions as well as requests or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to our dedicated email address